Saturday, May 24, 2008

..And a Little Child Shall Lead Them

Even though I abhor war, I am the proud sister of a US Marine Corps member. My brother was in Desert Storm (craziness - the theatre launched on Martin Luther King Day back in 1991) and thankfully made it home alive and sane.

I have nothing against military service it's not something that I wish for myself and quite frankly for my son. I'm all about voluntary service. The idea of folk choosing to go into the military because they feel they have no other options - makes me sad. I've been telling my eight year old for the past eight years to promise me that he will never join the military. There are tons of other ways to demonstrate that you are a patriot and love your country, I say. Don't let the war mongers try to pull the patriot card on you because you don't want to join the military. Well, I guess eight years of yapping has paid off. Last night I asked the kid to give me three things that you can do to show that you love the country.

Here is what he said:

* Run for President
* Recycle
* Write Picket Signs

My hub said, "What would be on the picket signs?", "Don't litter", he said and "Be nice".

Words to live by indeed!!