Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Random Thoughts

In a response on one of the news sites, someone posted "Why are we comparing the Obama Administration to Camelot? Do we really wish adultery, assassination and pain on others?" God rest the souls of JFK and JKO but - think about it?

Hearing Adele makes me miss Alison Moyet even more.

I love watching my son move through the world. This is a kid that was prayed for and lovingly welcomed into the world. You see that confidence in his choices and his interactions. You see that humility in how he takes cares of those he loves and those he doesn't know.

Getting my hair done a couple of weeks ago and the stylist, a young white woman, was like "You have the prettiest hair". Then the owner, a not so young white man came over to play in my hair and tell me how lovely it was. Now, yeah, I'm a paying customer, but it didn't dawn on me until after the fact about the irony of two white folks loving on my hair. I wish those black women for whom this type of stuff matters and makes a difference on their psyche - past and present could hear that.

People are paying money to hear black women conduct seminars on how to "catch" a non-black man. For real? Are you kidding me? Let me sign my ass up to do one of those seminars. I'll travel all over this damn country - and for another $100.00 I'll share my secrets on how to have a biracial kid, white mother in law and asian/german male dear friend. WTH?