Sunday, March 30, 2008

Hillary in Indianapolis

My son and I had the opportunity to hear Hillary Clinton during her stop in Indy. It was an incredible experience to hear first hand from the candidate and her vision for an American future under her leadership. It was also exciting to expose my son to a real life civic lesson. We were fortunate enough to get escorted into the event by members of the Clinton advance team and my son was able to talk with them and get a real high level (8 year old) version of what running a campaign involves. He got that look on his face that he gets when he is really engaged or impressed with something. At the end of the event he turned to me and said, "Mama. I think I will work on a campaign when I grow up".

This country could only be so lucky.


Saturday, March 22, 2008

Cool Stuff Part 2

I'm two years away from turning 40 and loving every day of the journey. Lately - I have been finding myself saying and thinking things that I never would have dared or allowed myself to in my twenties and thirties up to this point. You know how your nana or aunties would always say the CRAZIEST stuff to you - and you would be like "I can't believe this chick just said that". I'm slowly turning into that chick. It's all good, though - just like I said part of this new journey and becoming comfortable in the skin, place and time that God has gifted to me.

Having said all that - the almost 40 part is what led me to my first cool thing of this post. Charla Krupp's book "How Not to Look Old". I'm certainly no slave to fashion with my thrift store items in heavy rotation, but I'm all about getting some inside information on how to keep my glam on. This is a very well written book with tips for real women with real budgets (I'm about five minutes from having my mom cancel my Essence gift subscription if they have one more spread with $1100 boots and $600 suits...who the heck can do THAT).

Charla's book had high end stuff but she also had regular stuff that you can score at Target, Marshall's, TJ Maxx, etc.

Some of my other favorite things right now:

Law & Order - SVU - there used to be a test on that analyzed your personality based on which L&O you liked. I'm SVU all the way. Mariska Hargitay is a bad chick!!!

Amy Winehouse - LOVE this girl. She can sing her butt off and while her life is a soap opera - you have to pray that she gets it together, gets cleaned up and is around to sing for years to come.

Niecy Nash - Clean House is must see TV for me. I live vicariously through all the LA folk (why don't they do these shows in Indianapolis) that are lucky enough to have their houses cleaned and reorganized. Niecy is the reason to watch the show - she is so sista girl real without being too over the top. She makes chaos and foolishness sound like cuss words.

Election 2008

I cast my first vote via an absentee ballot in 1988 for Dukakis/Bentsen. The electoral process is exciting and affirming to me. This upcoming election will prove to be unique in so many ways. The current three contenders are all different from the straight, white men we typically elect in this country. McCain is a Vietnam Veteran, not a lawyer, not a blue blood. Clinton is a former first lady, working mother, female and Obama is a biracial former community organizer. How could you NOT be excited about the potential for change in November 2008.

My son is 8 and his class has been watching the primaries and following candidates. They have even voted on This dude was HOT though when he came home from school one day. "Mama, how old do you have to be to vote", he asked. "18", I said. This kid was like "Dang. I can't VOTE".

Funny. I hope everyone who can vote - will. Think about my son and all of our sons and daughters when you do.